Not like others

Special functions do not require the Internet to work.

Not like others

No monthly fees. All special functions can be used free of charge.


Not like others

To protect your privacy, no third party servers are involved, your data stays with you.

Not like others

Does not rely on encryption alone. Special functions detect eavesdropping.

Not like others

No data plan or contract required. Special functions work locally on the phone.

Not like others

No special SIM card required to perform special functions. Any SIM card is compatible.


All special functions explained

Detailed explanations of all the special features that XCell Stealth Phones have.

Why are XCell Stealth Phones so special?

Unique features, unprecedented security level, up to 60 special functions.


Worldwide shipping possible

Immune to viruses

DHL Express shipping

3 working days worldwide

All XCell Stealth Phones can be used legally anywhere in the world.

Ultra Secure Stealth Phones

There are 2 different versions of Android Ultra Secure Stealth Phones: XStealth Lite and XStealth.

Understand the differences between the versions.

IMEI Change, IMSI Change, Anti Interception Mode, Location Tracking Alert, Real Location Spoofing, Channel Lock, C2 Monitoring, Network Scan etc.

Make the right choice before you buy.