Our history

We are constantly looking for simple and innovative solutions with one goal in mind: mobile security. XCell Technologies is a dynamic company that aims to improve the protection of its customers by integrating a qualified, experienced and highly motivated team. Our mission is to provide our customers with the highest quality intelligence and mobile security services by turning our knowledge, expertise and passion into value for their own benefit. When you choose XCell Technologies, you will find a company that makes excellence, innovation and an unconventional strategy its core philosophy.

The development team consists of people covering different languages, regions, industries and nationalities. We are experts in offensive GSM security, cybercrime and security intelligence. We dedicate time and effort to ensure that our product maintains its status as a leader in the mobile security community.
It's fair to say that with our background in signals intelligence, our direct experience working with GSM, the developers of the XCell Stealth phones have a significant head start. And it is almost certainly this rare insight that has guided our pragmatic approach to solving the problem at hand: alerting you when your mobile phone is being tapped.

We are mobile / GSM security experts and currently work with various military and government agencies as well as other clients who prefer to remain nameless. Our daily work includes vulnerability research, cryptography, mobile remote exploitation, exploit development and mobile penetration testing.
Creativity, skill, and passion are the hallmarks of this sworn group that takes on each new challenge every day with a positive attitude.

Thanks to (in no particular order): Dieter Spaar, Harald Welte, David Burgess, Sylvain Munaut, James Moran (Fraud and Security Director GSMA Association), Dimitri Stolnikov, Chris Paget, Karsten Nohl, Collin Mulliner, Fabian van den Broek, Kurtis Heimer, Alexander Chemeris, Ivan Kluchnikov, Thomas Tsou, Ralph A. Schmid, Muhammad Junaid.
With the support of hackvision.de, osmocom.org and others who prefer to remain unnamed, and all our friends and advisory board.

About XCell Stealth Phones
What is a stealth phone?

No doubt, a stealth phone is neither a burner phone nor a crypto phone. A stealth phone is a mobile phone that has special interception detection and real-time location tracking capabilities, along with other special features such as anti-interception and real location spoofing.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality and most unique secure mobile phones on the market today. We hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy bringing it to you.

As you probably already know, mobile networks use their own encryption: A5/1, A5/2 and more recently A5/3 Stream Cypher for voice calls and messages. Therefore, voice calls (and SMS in some mobile networks) are encrypted by default.

Law enforcement agencies and some experienced hackers can bypass standard mobile network encryption using various methods (software and hardware), exploit network vulnerabilities, or bypass with the help of the network operator when law enforcement is involved.

Cell phone interceptors look like an ordinary cell tower to a typical phone. Once the phone connects to the interceptor (in fact, a specific cell phone - the target phone - is forced to connect to the interceptor based on IMEI and/or IMSI filtering), a variety of "over-the-air" attacks become possible, from intercepting calls and texts to injecting spyware onto the device. A spyware collects all key logs and sends them back to the attacker, records calls, and reveals the location of the phone, to name a few examples. Regardless of whether the phone's owner uses a VPN or encryption app for voice calls or messages: Audio is recorded directly from the phone's microphone and keystroke logs are recorded before they reach an encryption app or VPN server. As government-grade spyware, FinSpy can do this (and much more), even in the presence of an antivirus app that is supposed to "protect" your phone against intruders.
We won't delve deeper into this topic at a later time.



XCell devices use active measures for the best possible protection and only resort to passive protection in certain cases (decided by the user).


XCell Stealth Phones do not use encryption to protect user privacy, with the exception of XCell Crypt, XCrypt, XCell Basic v3 and XStealth. Our approach when it comes to privacy and mobile security is significantly different:

Rather than blindly encrypting all communications, we provide the user with the unique ability to detect interception and how long this is active. We strongly believe that knowing when and for how long your phone is being intercepted is a huge advantage over encryption solutions, as you and only you (through intoxication, manipulation or deception) can control the end user of the information extracted through phone call interception. XCell Stealth phones are made by professionals for professional needs, but can be used very easily by any average user.


Encryption is only a solution for a short time. Then it can become dangerous even for professionals, as it attracts the unwanted attention of a multitude of authorities.


XCell Stealth Phones can block interception. The phones can be used in Hunting Mode (triggering the alarm when the phone is intercepted or location tracking is active) or Anti Interception Mode (when no outgoing or incoming calls can be made or answered during active interception). The same applies to SMS.


All our products are developed in close cooperation with our main customers: law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

In addition, most of our programmers and telecommunication engineers have in-depth knowledge of programming and building mobile interception systems, location tracking devices, etc. As a result, we know exactly how call interception works and how to avoid and signal it. Only as a last resort do we rely on encryption.


The concept of XCell Stealth Phone is based on the idea of wiretap detection, not encryption. The reason for this is that our products are aimed at professionals, from government agencies to intelligence agencies, who primarily need to know exactly when and for how long their phones are being monitored.

The way our stealth phones block eavesdropping is not like mainstream methods and is not based on encryption, but on sophisticated firmware and special apps that took us almost 20 years to achieve the current level of security. And of course, XCell Stealth Phones' secure communications include encryption apps for voice calls and text messages, based on user preferences.


XCell Stealth Phones have been developed in close cooperation with our key customers, who provide us not only with a secure market, but most importantly, a test environment for our products: All XCell Stealth Phones have been extensively tested by our customers on various listening systems prior to public release. All XCell Stealth Phones have passed the eavesdropping and tracking tests (100% positive results in terms of eavesdropping detection). 

This is also the reason why our products have a great advantage and are always one step ahead of the competition.


XCell Stealth Phones are state of the art in wiretap detection, location tracking and spoofing.
We have to mention that wiretapping methods have not changed too much in the last 10 years. This is because the principles of mobile networks have not changed and the same protocols and technologies are used. Consequently, the wiretapping methods have not changed in terms of technology either. The latest changes in interception technology relate to the size of the device (can now be mounted on a drone/UAV) and the number of cell towers that can be spoofed. Also, decryption capabilities have improved greatly in the last 10 years (Ki computation time is now less than 0.7 seconds, which means near real-time decryption for semi-passive and fully-passive interceptors), but this has no impact on interception methods, as it is a computational issue.
Some of the XCell Stealth Phones can also detect SS7 interception (interception with the help of the network operator). The SS7 protocol was first developed in 1975 and has undergone only minor changes since 1982, though it is still used as the primary method by law enforcement agencies for location tracking today.


What has changed in the last year is the possibility of intercepting WhatsApp, Messenger, Skype and other IM clients, whether installed on a mobile phone or a PC. However, we do not recommend our users to use such applications. Moreover, Android Ultra Secure Stealth Phones (XStealth Lite and XStealth) come with pre-installed secure IMs, SMS, VPN, etc.


True spoofing and anti-interception features are also available on our top stealth phones.


This is another reason why our products are not only different, but unique:

  •  have a dynamic IMEI (IMEI can be changed manually or automatically)

  •  have a dynamic IMSI (like using a new SIM for each new call)

  •  have the ability to impersonate another mobile phone, regardless of type or brand

  •  the possibility to select and block the ARFCN (pair communication channels) that the phone uses to communicate with the BTS

  •  have the ability to spoof the GSM location (while the phone is actively connected to the GSM network and not WiFI!) bypassing the GSM triangulation performed by modern GSM interceptors.

  •  works without data connection

  •  can detect location tracking pings in real time

  •  can detect call interception in real time

  •  can detect SMS interception in real time

  •  can detect SS7 interceptions

  •  can detect SS7 location tracking

  •  are immune to SIM toolkit attacks (used by law enforcement agencies to remotely execute commands on the target phone)

  • Android Ultra Secure Stealth Phones come bundled with a testing tool, XPing Tool for location tracking testing. No other "secure" phone has similar testing software.

  •  have an anti-tampering mechanism

  •  have anti-forensic filters (software and hardware)

  •  possess a self-nuclear mechanism

  •  only work with paired chargers

  •  are immune to any viruses by default: no apps can be installed, not even by the user himself

  •  no data plan, no monthly/annual subscriptions, just a one-time payment

  •  No need for special SIM cards: Stealth Phones work with any standard 2G/3G SIM card.


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